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I'm here for you to have a easy access to the gifs you need. I do not own any of the gifs you see on my blog nor can I make my own. If any broken links please tell me.

ugh I want to RP again…. but I don’t know which character I want to have anymore…. should I go back to my old RP? Or create a new one… I want to play Norman Bates based off of Bates Motel’s Norman…. I also want to do a younger Nathan Drake and I found a face but I know nothing about the actor…but I would love to RP with Dylan as my face because Dylan but I don’t have a character.

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about page by geronimoeleven ( preview / code )
image background (you can find a bunch here)
200 x 250px image
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scrolling text so you can type as much as you like

How I make my gifs:


How I make my gifs:

This tutorial includes psds as well :)

I make my gifs from DVDs and 720p files (I use kickassto ~download BitTorrent here~ *make sure to download the 720p WEB DL torrents for highest quality and logo free*) and I use two different programs to cap, for DVDs I use VLC Media Player (download here) and for 720p files I use KMplayer (download here).

Here are tutorials I’ve made on how to cap:

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VALAR MORGHULIS | tumblr theme #6 » live preview & static preview alternative colors & code

my sixth tumblr theme featuring the HBO fantasy series ‘Game Of Thrones’ originally written by GRRMRULES☆ you’re allowed to edit ☆ don’t use as a base☆ credit meFEATURES ☆ 500px post sizes ☆ 12 custom links ☆ three (!) descriptions possible☆ you can disable the description box & use two different fonts for the titleAlternative Colors:

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hand-holding idiots

It’s a little transparent ghosty ready to go trick or treating on your blog!

All-in-one Page #3 - Life
This is my third all-in-one page, I’m not sure if anyone has made a page like this. Click on the names to display each section.
This page contains:

Links + Tags

I hope you guys like it, the instructions to fill each section are in the code, but if you have any question or problem while installing please send me a message.


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